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Participation in community, social and civic activities is one of the most popular NDIS supports utilised. This is because it is so important to get out and about in the community, meet people, try new things and have fun, for overall wellbeing. Activities may be provided in a centre or in community settings at standard or higher intensity rates.

It is also important that each participant decides what activities they want to engage in. Activities could include joining a club, trying a new hobby, catching up with friends, learning a new skill or even being a volunteer. Activities can be undertaken either individually or part of a group. It all depends on what a participant’s needs and goals are.

It is the role of Perfect Care to provide support to participants during these activities. This includes transport, as well as support while the activity is being undertaken, as well as developing a participant’s ability to partake in these activities.

Some of the many activities participants can take part in include:

  • Volunteer work -eg Op Shops, Meals on Wheels
  • Go shopping trips
  • Go to a sporting event
  • Visit a park
  • Go to the movies
  • Learn to cook
  • Join a club
  • Go fishing
  • Visit an art gallery or museum
  • Go to the theatre
  • Learn to play a musical instrument
  • Visit the gym
  • Go swimming
  • Learn a new craft
  • Go to the zoo
  • Riding for the Disabled
  • Visit the beach
  • Visit friends
  • Outings to cafes

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