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A Positive Behaviour Plan sets out strategies for improving a participant’s life, while addressing any complex needs. The plan focuses on understanding a participant’s challenging behaviour. This challenging behaviour is often complex. It may include self harm, aggression to others as well as property damage. The plan will include how to prevent challenging behaviour. It also provides strategies if behaviour of the participant does become challenging.

When a Positive Behaviour Plan has been developed with NDIS, it will be used by Perfect Care in addressing any needs of participants. The plan is for both the participant and anyone involved in their life (including support carers) so that everyone can work together. This includes prevention, responding to early warning signs, and reactive strategies.

Perfect Care provide support to Participants who present with challenging behaviour by implementing their Positive Behaviour Support Plans. We work with Occupational Therapists, Psychologists as well as Complex Support Specialists to improve the well being of participants.

If a participant’s plan includes restrictive practices, this will be used as a last resort and all our staff are trained to provide this support. Where regulated restrictive practices are used we comply with the reporting requirements.

In addition, if a restrictive practice is used we always ensure that it is the least restrictive response possible in the circumstances, reduces the risk of harm to the person or others, and is used for the shortest time possible.

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